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I had placed an order a couple a weeks ago at ThinkGeek for Christmas presents, and one of the items was missing from the box. After double-checking that it wasn't shipped separately, I initiated the help chat on their website, and had the following conversation:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Christa S'
Christa S: Hi Julie
Julie: Hi there.
Christa S: What can I help you with today/
Christa S: ?
Julie: I am missing an item from my order.
Christa S: Oh no!
Christa S: What's missing/
Christa S: *?
Christa S: darn I keep missing that question mark.
Julie: I ordered the [items redacted], and also [item redacted], but I only received the [items redacted].
Julie: Which was odd, because it came in a huge box, so there was certainly room for all [items redacted].
Christa S: They were supposed to be together. One sec while I check on this for you
Julie: Thanks.
Christa S: They are so freaking adorable
Julie: They really are.
Julie: I bought them for my nephew and for a friend's little boy.
Christa S: Okay Julie
Christa S: I've issued a new one to be sent out
Christa S: You should get an email with the confirmation
Julie: Thank you SO much.
Julie: You guys are the best.
Christa S: No problem! Sorry about that!
Julie: No problem. Thanks for making this absolutely painless. :)
Christa S: Huzzah!
Julie: I've shopped at your site for years, and never regretted it.
Christa S: We love you guys!
Julie: Have a great day!

It only took a couple of minutes, and Christa S set up a new order for the missing item without even asking me if I'd checked everywhere/if the dog ate it/etc. Also, Christa S is clearly One of Us. <3
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